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My dear brother in the Lord,

Jim, I just wanted to say a little about my visit. I will not mention your hospitality, nor your graciousness. These are obvious.

I do want to say some things about the conference grounds. I took a few minutes to recall how many nations in which I have held conferences. Some of them have been in places of sheer splendor, such as in Japan, where the situation was so exotic that we were afraid we were going to touch something three hundred years old and hurt it. I put that conference ground at the bottom of my list.

Others were places where there were bugs and infestations bordering on plagues. Of course, these also go pretty close to the bottom of the list, although some of those conferences were wonderful.

When I said I had conducted conferences in eighteen nations, I cannot tell you how many I have conducted in the United States . . . no doubt higher than that.

I am grateful this conference ground has begun. I am sure that as the years go on, the Lord will touch a large number of souls.

The cabins are beautiful, functional, and ideal. I took time to make note of everything you have done with your buildings. I know there are things that often get overlooked in other conference grounds. You have overlooked nothing.

I find it remarkable how thorough the conference grounds have been equipped. I commend you for it. I am fully aware of how much labor has been poured into Capernaum Inn.

Looking at the grounds, I can honestly say I have never seen a more beautiful setting anywhere. With my mind’s eye, I see many believers coining there, strolling the grounds, praying, fellowshipping with the Lord and with one another, and having their lives touched by the Lord.

I do not know how many Christians will visit Capernaum Inn who have actually been to Capernaum, Galilee. I happen to be one of those people. Two thousand years ago, it was His home. I believe that here He will once more find a resting place.

As the Scripture which you have chosen says, “It is here that a great light will shine forth.”

God’s blessings upon you and Sherry, that the birth, and now the future, of Capernaum Inn will be rich and fruitful.

Your brother in the Lord,

P.O. Box 3450 • Jacksonville, FL 32206 • (904) 598-2347 Fax: (904) 598-3456

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  • Capernaum News and an Upcoming Event

    It’s off to Washington D.C. for our men. The Watchmen on the Wall National Briefing Program will take place from May 24 through 26th at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Washington, D.C. Our own Jim Way will lead two breakout sessions on Thursday afternoon described thus on the Family Research Council website:

    “Transforming Your City”

    Becoming A New Testament First Century Community

    Imagine all the leaders in your community moving in the same direction for the good of all.

    Using a true success story from Lake Wales, FL, you will hear from the Mayor, Chief of Police, Superintendent of Schools, and the recent Past President of the Chamber of Commerce. This breakout will explore how to synchronize with and leverage the business, educational, government and faith leaders working together to find common solutions to community problems.
    Jim Way*President, Capernaum Ministries

    There will be a group of pastors and leaders who will represent Lake Wales. It is such an honor to be invited back again this year to share what God has been doing in our community. Please be in prayer that our testimony will be effective, and that cities all across the US will be transformed for the glory of God.

    Other speakers at this National meeting include: David Barton, Founder of WallBuilders, Lt. General William Boykin, Dr. Frank Turek, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, Dr. Kenyn Cureton, and of course, President of FRC, Tony Perkins.

     Please be in prayer for this event, and particularly lift up Jim and our men on Thursday, May 25th.

    If you would like to attend, please visit the FRC Website where you can register:




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